Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paint Fight!

When I arrived home from camp I had a beautiful reunion with one of my closest friends. I had not been able to really paint or draw during the duration of the summer, and decided to have some fun during my last week before starting school. We planned on filling water balloons with paint and throwing them at each other..but the balloons would not expand enough to do so. We then decided to use regular size balloons. We filled them with a dollop of paint first and then water from the hose. They did not work as planned either- we ended up having to break them with our hands. But we had a blast doing it.

It's Time

I believe that it is time I begin to maintain a blog. I've started my second year in art school and love it so much more than ever. I led into it from an unbelievable summer. I counseled at a camp with the most remarkable people and heard so many stories. My heart has grown so much more and after hearing so many stories from the children this summer, I am finding myself striving so much more to love as much as I can. Here I have posted a picture of the cross that floats in the lake seen from the dock. This is the cross that remains in the memory of the thousands of kids that have come through- how it lit up at night for all to see. The symbol of hope, life and love.